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Thank You!

For helping to make our past event


at our Last State Meeting

at Starved Rock

a Memorable Great Time

Your Presentations and Interviews

are clearly one of the many reasons

these events are worth the time

distance and effort to attend.

Glenn V.

Mark Kuba

Mitzi B.

Susan B.

Amy S.

Thank You!

UFOs and Hollywood and Our  Spring State Meeting was also a Success thank all for your dynamic presentations, interviews and vital insights.

Donald R. Schmitt

Bryce Zable

James Fox

Robbie Graham

Martin Willis

Allison Jornlin

Roger Laurella

Daniel Snow

William Leone

Mark Kuba

Plus all the attendees who made it point to put forth a good number of great questions to these remarkable individuals and so much more.

2018 State Meeting and Presentation will be remembered for some time.

Thank You!

Respectfully Grateful,

Sam Maranto, State Director

Enjoy a captivating read of the Best MUFON Reports of 2017.Written by Roger Marsh the MUFON Communications Director.

Included are a number of details you'll find no where else on key UFO cases of Interest submitted and investigated by MUFON Certified Field Investigator.

Your purchase will help support MUFON and its dedication to the Scientific Investigation of the UFO Phenomena for the Benefit of Humanity.

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 UFOs and Hollywood

Illinois MUFON

Spring State Meeting

Day One 

State Meeting and Announcements:

Despite rain, fog and the Royal Wedding we managed to have a respectable turn out for our presentations “UFOs and Hollywood” and Spring State Meeting. This two-day program was a First. It came in response to a suitable number of folks pointing out how they would like to enjoy the number of wonderful amenities the Lodge, Park and adjoining communities have to offer.


Our Saturday curriculum began with an overview and introduction. Then present Illinois MUFON Certified Field Investigators: Mark Kuba., Dave Finkbeiner., and Des Wisson., Chief Investigator: Daniel Snow. State Section Directors, William Leone. and Greg Cisko and Assistant State Director: Roger Laurella presented the State Director: Sam Maranto with a beautiful plaque in appreciation for outstanding efforts, dedication and contribution. The speech made by the Assistant State Director and the many kind words by the CFIs was very heartfelt. The State Director was most gratefully honored and appreciative.


Thank You so much IL MUFON CFIs!

First Presentation

by William A. Leone (Billy) and

Sam Maranto

The First Presentation by Bill Leone, State Section Director and Sam Maranto, State Director was an example of the current use of Dramatization of actual known UFO related events and how they incorporate far more fictional accounts into the production then promote it as being an actual depiction of a genuine event. The case in point being two recent releases in the past few years centered around the Mass sighting of March 13th, 1997 in Phoenix, Arizona. A detailed chronology of actual events and accounts were covered in presentation. For the record a spoiler alert wasn’t need for the two entertaining productions either, only some of details were glanced over. Excellent job!

Thank You so much William A. Leone (Billy) and Sam Maranto

Second Presentation

by Roger Laurella

Our Second Presentation by Roger Laurella, Assistant State Director who was covering current report totals and the possible correlation to the release of major motion pictures, televised documentaries and popular TV program on the UFO subject. Roger also showed several interesting videos submitted to the MUFON CMS for audience evaluation. Illustrated in his presentation was a detail look over the past decades noting the appearance of certain entities and how they are depicted in submitted reports compared to published works, cinema and television programs of the day. To what degree did each have on the other and what was truly first in each instance is left for the attendee to consider and just one more of many topics to bantered about at Lunch and beyond.
Thank You so much Roger!


Lunch was as always in the Lodge dinning room besides the regular menu a buffet was made an option and at a most reasonable price. The picturesque view looking over the Illinois river valley from the dinning room patio has always being a memorable setting for a meal and lively conversation.


Third Presentation

Interview with James Fox

On reconvening after lunch, we had a phone interview with Writer, Director, Editor and Actor James Fox. Sharing his journey into this topic and how he manages to enter the Hollywood scene with his first work back in 1997 “UFOs: 50 years of Denial” then to his acclaimed work “Out of the Blue” was just the start of this insightful conversation. His revelations into the need of quality non-fictional work on this subject was an eye opener. We also had a slight peeking into his new endeavor which was initially called “701” based on the unsolved account received by Project Blue Book and other promising tidbits found only in this new work which hopes to be released in the coming year or so. What a true delight it was talking with James who also answered several questions from the group.

Thank You so much James!
Fourth Presentation

Interview with Bryce Zable

Though our video interview technology wasn’t cooperating with us, we manage to pull off a dynamic interview with our next guest, Bryce Zable. It was our honor to have Bryce available to us. His fine work as a Writer, Director and Actor are but a few of his accomplishments. In 2001-2002 Bryce was Chairman of the Academy of Television Arts & Science and Presenter of the Emmy Awards for each of those years. Best known for his UFO Drama series “Dark Skies” the ever so talented Bryce Zabel was kind enough to share a part of his Saturday Afternoon with us. Beginning with a brief introduction into his journey and interest surrounding the UFO subject brought us face to face with a respectable number of questions surrounding dramatization affecting genuine account depictions and in what way. Bryce laid out his professional opinions on this and many other topics swirling about today mainly in the arena of disclosure. It was obvious at this point that the significance of the event theme and those events of today share something far more in common than what one may initially think.

It is through Cinema that the vision and passion of such brave individuals like Bryce Zable and James Fox give hope for better days ahead regarding what may bear fruit and ultimately be revealed on this topic from Hollywood. Whether in fact or intertwined with fiction one thing for sure we will always be part of their audience.

 Thank You so much Bryce!

Day Two

First Presentation

by Allison Jornlin

Rain surely kept a sizable number of folks from making their way in for the presentations on Sunday morning yet those in attendance were in for a treat. Alison Jornlin our very own Queen
of Forteana covered and array of interesting, mysterious and surely unusual topics of unsolved mysteries from our sister state to the north. Though Wisconsin is home to this very dedicated investigative researcher she has ventured as far as England in her quest for both the most unusual and possible archives from those dedicated researchers from the past. To preserve the potentially archived lives, work of somehow forgotten yet brilliant and curious souls is just one of Allison’s quests but one that sorely needs the like of others to duplicate in our field.

One case in Allison’s presentation involved a commercial aircraft tragedy that took place over Lake Michigan known as the missing disappearance in 1950 of Northwest flight 2501.According to her research and that of none other than Captain Edward Ruppelt a UFO may have had some involvement.

Alison is part of the Chi-Town Flap/Chicago Mothman investigative research team as well as the Skype wizard and thank heavens for that. She made sure our Sunday interviews were nothing less than a success.

 Thank You so very much Allison!

Second Presentation

by Daniel Snow

Our Second Presentation for Sunday was given by our very own Chief Investigator Daniel Snow.

Appropriately dressed in 1890 attire Daniel’s topic was on the correlation of various literary works such as the 1897 “War of the Worlds” by H.G Wells, multiple airships inventions, historical events of the time and the Mass Airship Sightings of 1896-1897. Dan laid out a time line of these events in a chronological fashion begging the question – Where any or all these accounts of the Great Airship Wave ultimately inspired by any of these other events?  This historical account of what may have been our first recorded Mass Sighting of Arial Phenomena in America has nearly 1,500 documented accounts from across the country yet to this day there hasn’t been an adequate explanation or investigation for that matter into this significant flap. No doubt Dan never does anything halfheartedly. He even went the extra mile to be dress the part for the presentation surely, he deserves an Award for best wardrobe at the very least.

Thank You so much Dan!

Lunch was in the Dinning Room and we were delighted to find a tasty buffet. A few attendees ventured outdoors to get a brisk walk in before the afternoon presentations began. There is so much to do while in the area, yet the first thing is to breath and embrace this wonderous historical landscape where eagles soar, and the multiple waters of cascading waterfalls eventually become one in the great river below. Much like the many cultures of Indigenous and European people before us. They carved their way into this majestic landscape and forged a nation whose legacy filled with hope and struggle saw many bright moments shared in the spirit of cooperation as well as celebration of their cultural diversity. One can’t help but feel their timeless smiles remain with us...now seen on the faces of this enchanting locations many current guests.

Third Presentation

Interview with Robbie Graham

We reconvened after Lunch to a Skype interview with Lecturer/Author Robbie Graham who wrote the book “Saucers on the Silver Screen” and “Reframing the Debate”.

Allison Jornlin is a friend of Robbie’s and conducted the interview in detail.

Robbie’s background is in academia related to historical cinema and his interest regarding UFOs began almost hand in hand. His love of science fiction movies then the realization that there may be an element of truth to the UFO phenomena drew took his research to new heights.

It didn’t take long for him to stumble on more than an adequate amount of data to support that deduction. Being an expert in the academic sense with reference to the historical array of not just movie surround this genre put Robbie at the forefront of this vital aspect in Ufology as well as the paradigm that was shaped around it by Hollywood and Media. With this insight it becomes obvious to some extent that as time progresses all that is changing may in fact be variations in the story line and the characters. This may also hold true in the non-fictional scene as he and other have pointed out. Revealing however were aspects of a few blockbuster films and their prominent directors. These unshakable facts were intellectually delectable to say the least and more than enough food for thought. Robbie is a major asset to the field and one that need more exposure.

Thank You so much Robbie!

Fourth Presentation

Interview with Martin Willis

Martin Willis Host of Podcast UFO was our next guest. His insight into the Media reaction to the December 16, 2017 NY Times article regarding the top-secret DOD program on UFOs was just part of his interview. Martin had his own sighting in California some years back, so his quest began with an unshakable understanding that there is something genuine going on, yet he remained reasonably cautious not to jump to a conclusion as to exactly what was ultimately

the source of the unusual object he observed. Having some six plus year interviewing hundreds of researchers, various experts as well as experiences on the subject in over three hundred three hour shows its safe to say Martin’s opinions are worth hearing. Having pointed out the initial coverage was seen in many major news outlets the more relevant reactions were as he pointed out most noted and respected Ufologists Stanton Friedman and Kathleen Marden both applaud the public disclosure of the program as well as the initiative being taken by Tom Delonge and his “To the Stars Academy of Arts & Science” group. Pointing out the source of this information as well as the credentials of the individuals involved make one consider the possibility to some extent something is about to change. Martin can also be heard on Open Minds Radio with Alejandro Rojas and expect to see more of him at conferences in the future.

Thank You so much Martin!

Fifth Presentation

by Mark Kuba

Our last speaker was Certified Field Investigator, Mark Kuba whose presentation “Ronald Reagan and UFOs” pointed out the interest of our first Hollywood President in the ET hypothesis. Reagan had at least two know sighting of his own and made it a point to mention the notion of a World response to a true Alien Threat in a few of his UN speeches. He also put forth in 1983 the Strategic Defense Initiative SDI coined “Star Wars” by the media. Rumored also were the statements made by President Reagan regarding the works of Steven Spielberg mainly “ET” and “Close Encounters”. Marks presentation was spot on bring the interest and statements of our first Hollywood President who just so happen to be at the very least interested in UFOs in line with well know document events. Well done and I’m sure Mark will have a follow up to this presentation next year some time.

Thank You so much Mark!


Each speaker and guest brought their own perspective on a number of focused topics related to the subject and theme. The most dominant question posed to each had to do with the current initiatives referred to as disclosure related.

All Guest speakers made it clear that they were cautiously optimistic as to these current initiatives referred to as some form of disclosure. Some even giving a reasonable explanation for involvement of the entertainment field in one major initiative as being best understood by reviewing Hollywood’s involvement on this subject for the past 60 plus years.

Fact or Fiction one thing remain certain the relationship of UFOs and Hollywood is with us to stay. If that is the case, we may want to stock up on popcorn or better still just dedicate more time to direct human interaction on the subject.

Either way we hope to see you again soon.

 Thank You,
 Cast and Crew of UFOs and Hollywood

Fall Tinley Park Meetup 2017

The Tinley Park Meetup this past Sunday Nov. 5th was well attended in spite of the threat of heavy rain. There were 30 in attendance and no less than seven first time attendee. All seemed to enjoy the presentations' and general discussion.

First point of business after a brief introduction by everyone to the group was the announcement of the Spring Starved Rock State Meeting and Presentation Weekend Event May 19th & 20th of 2018.

We encouraged all interested in staying at the Lodge  to secure their rooms as soon as they can since there are only 31 room open for Saturday & Sunday as of Wednesday this past week. Its important to add a two day requirement is needed for room at the lodge on either Friday Saturday or Saturday Sunday so please be aware of this.

We covered Some of the 2017 case reports from this past year. Jim Wolford, SSD and Bill Leone, SD presented details on a few of their closed cases that were classified by them as Unknown. Sam detailed some of the comical yet annoying Hoax Narratives Reports  with there accompanying photos.
The Presentation was on Mass Sightings and highlighted those with supportive and testable evidence.

The emphasis of this meeting was on and will be from now on "Supportive and Testable Data". There seems to be a great divide in understanding this vital aspect in Ufology as well as our entire cultural environment which touch on by our guest speaker, Richard Dolan.

Richard joined us by phone bring us up to date on his research as well as covering the main topic of past MUFON Symposium as well as his position on the derailing of focused qualitative research and reliable information by sensational and unverifiable stories that have been bolstered by there popularity via the internet and social media. Richard took a number of questions directly from the group the interaction and insight shared was valued by all

Jan.10 2016 Tinley Park Meetup

The First lllinois MUFON Meetup of 2016

January 10th,2016

Despite the below freezing temperatures and the proceeding ominous threat of many inches of snow.

Approximately half of those who submitted an RSVP actually were in attendance. The original count for potential attendees was over 60 giving way to the idea of accommodating the excess by prescribing a *breakout group. These groups would be focused on specific subject matter more in line with personal experience. Art Kastl and Mark Kuba volunteered to monitor the *group if needed.

* This concept will be implement if needed for future meetings/events.

 Richard Dolan was our first speaker initially planned to Skype in at the beginning of the Meeting.

Due to a series of technical difficulty we were unable to use Skype. Richard then had to postpone for

an hour pushing forward the next scheduled activity which was the introduction of the Illinois MUFON CFI Team. A number of detailed personal accounts perused as well as sighting accounts from the attendees along with a short Q&A.

NOTE: Prior to the meeting an email when out requesting all attendees watch three accessible on demand via YouTube episodes of UFOs Declassified. It was these topics and the facts surround the case plus the proposed debunking statements by the so-called skeptics which were central to this meeting.

As requested Richard first covered the Bentwaters-Woodbridge-Rendlesham Case addressing a number of issues that were called into question by so-called skeptics or as presented to the viewing audience "Experts". Beyond this he alluded to "Cold War" related details and the proposed Kennedy/UFO memos. Next Richard addressed the Belgium Wave and other related cases covered in the episode on "Large Black Triangles". Lastly covered was the "Battle of LA" which one so-called Expert dismissed as being caused by military personal mistaking the planet "Venus" as an enemy threat and "War Jitters." This was clearly dismissed by one of the two presentation by our own Astronomical Expert, Darren Drake. Who keenly and definitively pointed out that Venus wasn't visible at that time, place and date.

There was a number of questions posed directly to Richard by some attendees and as always he delivered volumes of insight and many new valuable resources for creditable information.

After reconvening for the second half of the meeting we welcomed more personal account. Some announcement were made on the Michigan Event in March followed by a presentation by of Triage Director Daniel Snow regarding the best cases for 2015. One of the four cases Dan presented had video evidence recorded in night vision mode. Dan had this video sent out for detailed analysis by an expert in evaluating such evidence for the UFO research community more notably MUFON. The returning explanation was met with surprise from the audience demonstrating the need for a deeper understating and training of optics.

Our Astronomy Expert, Darren Drake captivated the audience with his proficient use of readily available technology and reference material via a common smart phone. With detailed graphic so true to life and reliable calibrations spanning the age's one can illustrate a host of heavenly bodies within their precise position for any location & time…and more.

Darren presented an array of quality optics that he highly recommended for our members and CFIs one most reasonably prices and easy to learn. It was the photos of privately owned large telescopes from a Florida Star Party that put the toping on his presentation. One such enviable telescope being Darren's.

Lastly he shared beautiful images of the moon taken by Darren with the aid of one of his many telescopes.

In closing there were announcement regarding the May 21st Spring Event at Starved Rock as well as welcoming any interested attendees to join us for at Banana's Restaurant in the Holiday Inn Tinley Park Convention Center there afterward.

...Meetup Minutes

  ...Past Events




Dedicated Veteran Researcher and Author David Marler brings unprecedented insight into the

Triangular UFO Mystery .

Over twenty years of research

when into this fine composite of detailed accounts from around the world as well as through the decades.

A must read for both the inquisitive as well as the serious researcher.

                                            S.J. Maranto

March 4th, 2018

Tinley Park Meetup

The First 2018 Illinois MUFON Tinley Park Meetup for went well and the attendance
was more than expected which was a most pleasant surprise.

Our gracious member attendees and their guests were very cooperative as being courteous interactive participants throughout the event.

Before we ventured into our program we

made it a point to recognize two of our CFIs
and presented them with certificates of accomplishment from our State Chapter. William A. Leone and Karl Fabian were the recipients, in addition we awarded James Wolford, as our    2017 State Certified Field Investigator of the Year.

In covering some of the past events of last year we received both compliments and ideas on improving future events, all of which are being seriously taken into consideration.

The official meeting began with highlighting the future events planned for May 19-20, 2018, Starved Rock Lodge - Hollywood & UFOs; August 11, 2018, Galena Astronomy Night with the Galena Astronomical Society; August 25, 2018 Starved Rock Fall Event - Encounters Seven. 

We highlighted major UFO related news such as the February 27, 2018 Fox News Milwaukee Video of what has been explained away as seagulls. This along with some highlights of the 2018 International UFO Congress.  Discussion as well as questions rounded off the first segment of our meeting before we went to break. 

The presentation on the Oregon incursion of October 25th, 2017 by Roger Laurella
took center stage for the second segment of the meeting. This well researched and formulated presentation filled with radar data, actual tower to pilot recordings and so much more was met with multiple round of applause plus many complimentary emails thereafter.

Returning from our second break, Roger & Sam covered current case studies and reviewed some of the photos presented in one case. Questions and answers rounded off this final segment along with personal accounts by attendees.  One, rather detailed regarding an event in Oswego, Illinois and another in Oak Forest, Illinois from the 70’s. 

The meeting adjourned as planned at 4:30 p.m.

Respectfully Yours,
Julie Maranto

Thank You

It was a full house on Nov.15th for the  Special Screening of the History 's New Series “Project Blue Book” first episode along with a Q&A secession with some of the Cast, Michael Malarkey, Laura Mennell and Michael Harney plus Executive Producer, Sean Jablonski.

It  was moderated by

J. Allen Hynek’s Son, Paul Hynek,

who was a consultant on this series.

PROJECT BLUE BOOK is based on the actual, investigations into Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) and related phenomena conducted by the United States Air Force from 1952 to 1969.  You can watch the trailer here:

Thank You,


Updated 11/21/2018

Updated 11/21/2018

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