The First llinois MUFON Meetup of 2016

January 10th,2016

Despite the below freezing temperatures and the proceeding ominous threat of many inches of snow.

Approximately half of those who submitted an RSVP actually were in attendance. The original count for potential attendees was over 60 giving way to the idea of accommodating the excess by prescribing a *breakout group. These groups would be focused on specific subject matter more in line with personal experience. Art Kastl and Mark Kuba volunteered to monitor the *group if needed.

* This concept will be implement if needed for future meetings/events.

 Richard Dolan was our first speaker initially planned to Skype in at the beginning of the Meeting.

Due to a series of technical difficulty we were unable to use Skype. Richard then had to postpone for

an hour pushing forward the next scheduled activity which was the introduction of the Illinois MUFON CFI Team. A number of detailed personal accounts perused as well as sighting accounts from the attendees along with a short Q&A.

NOTE: Prior to the meeting an email when out requesting all attendees watch three accessible on demand via YouTube episodes of UFOs Declassified. It was these topics and the facts surround the case plus the proposed debunking statements by the so-called skeptics which were central to this meeting.

As requested Richard first covered the Bentwaters-Woodbridge-Rendlesham Case addressing a number of issues that were called into question by so-called skeptics or as presented to the viewing audience "Experts". Beyond this he alluded to "Cold War" related details and the proposed Kennedy/UFO memos. Next Richard addressed the Belgium Wave and other related cases covered in the episode on "Large Black Triangles". Lastly covered was the "Battle of LA" which one so-called Expert dismissed as being caused by military personal mistaking the planet "Venus" as an enemy threat and "War Jitters." This was clearly dismissed by one of the two presentation by our own Astronomical Expert, Darren Drake. Who keenly and definitively pointed out that Venus wasn't visible at that time, place and date.

There was a number of questions posed directly to Richard by some attendees and as always he delivered volumes of insight and many new valuable resources for creditable information.

After reconvening for the second half of the meeting we welcomed more personal account. Some announcement were made on the Michigan Event in March followed by a presentation by of Triage Director Daniel Snow regarding the best cases for 2015. One of the four cases Dan presented had video evidence recorded in night vision mode. Dan had this video sent out for detailed analysis by an expert in evaluating such evidence for the UFO research community more notably MUFON. The returning explanation was met with surprise from the audience demonstrating the need for a deeper understating and training of optics.

Our Astronomy Expert, Darren Drake captivated the audience with his proficient use of readily available technology and reference material via a common smart phone. With detailed graphic so true to life and reliable calibrations spanning the age's one can illustrate a host of heavenly bodies within their precise position for any location & time…and more.

Darren presented an array of quality optics that he highly recommended for our members and CFIs one most reasonably prices and easy to learn. It was the photos of privately owned large telescopes from a Florida Star Party that put the toping on his presentation. One such enviable telescope being Darren's.

Lastly he shared beautiful images of the moon taken by Darren with the aid of one of his many telescopes.

In closing there were announcement regarding the May 21st Spring Event at Starved Rock as well as welcoming any interested attendees to join us for at Banana's Restaurant in the Holiday Inn Tinley Park Convention Center there afterward.

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