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The turnout was great for "UFO's at the Rock" with 32 in attendance there was enough room and time to cover many a topic.

Witness accounts were dynamic and interesting as well as the presentations.The luncheon was delicious as well as the cake afterwards.

The spender of the Lodge in this wondrous setting add all the more reason for our having such events at Starved Rock Lodge. The service is second to none and the smiles are genuine. I can't wait to announce our next event at this fine expect a summer activity at some point.
Special thanks to Richard Dolan, Roger, James, Julie, Dennis, Dave, Bill, and all the great attendees.
A Very Special Thank You to Jeff & Ann who have been so supportive and generous thought the years.

2014 StarworksUSA UFO Symposium
Discount Rates for this Great UFO Conference will be ending soon. Please do not miss out on this rare and special event right here in the Midwest.
Please show our support!

  Greater Chicagoland
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       Evanston, Illinois  
     Director: Alyse Rynor 

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 Heartland UFO Summit 2014
        October 17th-19th
  "Ufology in a Different Light"

         Hilton Garden Inn
 18335 South LaGrange Road
   Tinley Park, Illinois 60487
         (708) 429 - 2266
      for more information

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