Daniel Snow,CI

Chief Investigator &  Triage Director 

Michigan and Illinois

 Chief Investigatorand

Putting the Pieces Together takes some doing...

Chief Investigator Snow is the go to man when an answer can't be found because his years of project management trained him to be resourceful and self reliant. His insight as Triage Director assures  the dedicated effort and time donated by our Fired Investigators goes to good use and not exhausted on childish pranks.

Daniels experience in the field is well noted as he has been awarded Investigator of the Year by MUFON International and received multiple certificates of achievement by Illinois MUFON. With over a Thousand Closed Cases there are few in the field with his expertise. We are fortunate to have him in Illinois & Michigan.

With interest ranging from Astronomy  to Ufology and a never quit attitude Daniel Snow was obviously the perfect person for the position of Chief Investigator and Triage Director.

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